About us

The Australian Microgrid Centre of Excellence (AMCOE) is the trading name. The incorporated entity representing AMCOE is Australian Microgrids Incorporated (IARN: A1036945A), a not-for-profit entity that provides incubator and business development services to new companies entering AMCOE and facilitating industrial symbiosis activities for existing companies.

AMCOE is internationally disruptive by establishing a centre of excellence that allows new companies to enter and existing companies to expand in the energy transformation business. The focus is applied research, education and industry promotion. We are a major global energy transformation incubator and emphasize microgrid development. AMCOE provides the environment for companies to be more dynamic, agile and more rapidly innovate.

AMCOE is a global platform concentrating on the global transformation of energy, leading to energy efficiency and decarbonization. We support companies and academic institutions around Australia and the world in developing a clean energy-producing industry.

AMCOE operates within six main areas of microgrid industry growth:

  1. skills-based training & educational curricula development
  2. civic resource facility (and laboratory)
  3. engineering services
  4. regulatory and policy maturity
  5. grant management, and
  6. commercialization services.

AMCOE offers services to facilitate the commercialization of promising innovations and capable project development for the industry. The six areas serve different market segments, but significant overlap exists.

The key components of AMCOE, and their inter-relatability are illustrated in the following diagram: