Our Mission

The Mission of AMCOE is to develop and promote Australian-based industry focused on microgrid technologies and solutions that support both grid-islandable and remote installations.

AMCOE will bring together private and public research organizations, educational institutions, established industry leaders and entrepreneurial start-ups to:

  • Maintain Australia’s worldwide leadership in energy and environmental technology

  • Position Australia region as the world’s hub of microgrid research and commercialization

  • Create jobs in the region by establishing a new economic base of energy and environment technology

  • Increase education and skills-based training opportunities related to energy and environment

  • Grow and administer engineering services and research and development contracts

  • Commercialize innovations

  • Grow grant receipts and placements for Perth organizations

  • Attract private investment to Australia

Our Values

AMCOE operates by the following guiding principles:  Honesty, Integrity, Lawful, Social Improvement, Sustainability, Diversity, and Innovation.

It is led in consideration of the following characteristics:

  • Consumer focused

  • Creating self-sustainability, prosperity and local knowledge

  • Industry focused

  • Not-for-profit

  • Members are competitive

  • Open to all academic institutions domestic and international

  • Collaborates with all international academic institutions

  • Democratisation of energy

  • Knowledge creation and training

  • Australian led

  • Industry advocacy batteries

  • Reviewing and monitoring government procurement processes

  • Investment decisions favour Australian businesses first

  • Clarifying the netback benefits